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Me & My Soulmate

Me & My SoulmateMy Soulmate
Can't Live Without It !
"... a helper corresponding to him." GENESIS
A Course of Four Lectures & Workshops

Sharing my thoughts with you on this subject is not an easy task for me. After thinking about how to begin, I decided to share with you a banal question that I ask my friends and students. The query is addressed equally to those singles facing an endless challenge in finding their "perfect man" or "dream woman", and to those who are working hard to preserve a stable marriage.

why marriegeThe question is: Why do you think we should get married?

What is the reason to add more problems to your own mess, especially when you know there is about a fifty percent chance that you'll end up divorced?

Some examples of the most common answers I get to this question are: "Because I'm tired of dating" or "Enough with the singles scene, I have to get on with life" or "What do you mean? Everyone has to get married" or "Generation after generation did so and I have to follow the custom." Some say: "

"But what is the purpose?" I ask. And then I listen: "I'm too lonely. I need to find someone to share my life with."

(The most ideological answer I hear is: "I don't know, maybe we should get married because we have to bring children into the world to preserve humanity." To preserve humanity!)

There is a clichéd observation that notes the following:

To drive a car one must have a driver's license, which requires one to be a certain minimum age, to learn the laws, and to pass a written exam and a road test. To become a qualified chef, lawyer, doctor or mechanical engineer, one must put in years of learning, plus training and practice. But, absurdly, the most important step one can take (marriage), which is supposed to last for one's whole life, requires no learning, no proficiency, no experience or prerequisites. All you need is a ring and a rabbi, and the rest will come. And we are surprised by the rates of unsuccessful relationships, and the results for our society?

Once, a newly married friend told me: "I just love my wife. She is so beautiful. She is so smart. She has a good job and makes a good salary. She gives me many reasons to love her. I'm just so lucky and happy to have her."

I listened to him very carefully and thought to myself, "What a selfish person."

What if she loses her job and becomes unemployed, then you won't love her, since she is not the "money-making wife" she use to be? Now she is young and beautiful, but what about in another 20 or 30 years, when she may not be as good looking as she is today? Or what if (God forbid) she loses her beauty to illness or accident, then will there be no more reason for you to love her? What an egoist!

Between you and me, though, my friend's words were familiar to me.

Honestly, all of us - men and women - are like this. Our love and caring is conditional. We love because of reasons, because it feels good, because we get something in return. The problem is that this love becomes routine after a little while - and we know the rest of the story. The fragrance, the touch, the heartbeats, the yearning to see one's lover - all these feelings dry up. That need to hear the voice of one's lover is not as intense as it was yesterday.

Step by step, a couple loses the connection and the unity. They bring children into the world; they hope this will help them come together and Rutineagain trigger the love, without knowing that children bring with them even bigger challenges and responsibilities than marriage.

A couple might find themselves deep in conflict, after arguments have become fights, and fights have become a big war, and they expend large amounts of energy, thought, time and money on attorneys and running from court to court. The absurdity is that only then do many of them start to search for the "coaches" or "marriage counselors", hoping these "professional mentors" will bring salvation and rescue them from the final explosion.

Yet, the counselors teach the couple how to keep and respect a ceasefire line, managing a cold war without hurting each other too much. (The funniest thing is that the rate of divorce among marriage counselors is one of the highest in the world - over five in ten.)

"Me & My Soulmate" is a study of very sweet, loving and practical Biblical, Talmudic and Kabbalistic stories, quotations and lessons; messages from sages who knew the real meaning of the most sublime level of any relationship - unconditional love. They practiced this infinite unconditional love, despite the endless challenges, troubles and difficulties they faced in doing so.

In this class, we learn about loyal characters who knew the purpose of marriage. Those who took upon themselves the commitment of partnership, and knew how to sacrifice their egos and the desire to be "right" for more exalted purposes and devotions. We touch the spirit of lofty heroes who lived responsibly, with faith, and took seriously their holy mission to create a long-lasting, peaceful relationship.

"Me & My Soulmate" is the story of role models who knew how to be patient and respectful with their soul mates, and thus created a nation, engraving their names in history. We learn from them the real meaning of forgiving and the essence of giving. We learn how to be like them - or at least how to act like them.

"Me & My Soulmate" is a practical class for singles looking for their other half, as well as for those who are already married and wish to maintain or improve their relationship.

"Me & My Soulmate" does not provide any personal advice. You do not get any coaching, consultations, tips or private recommendations. The wisdom we reveal in this course is practical general knowledge that can be used by anyone or any couple looking to embellish and beautify their relationships. This class is suitable for every two interested in becoming one.

In this class, you are your own coach. No one knows you as well as you know yourself.
No other knows the secrets, advantages and disadvantages of your personality as you know yourself. Therefore, there is no one who can help you in this holy mission as well as you can help yourself.

Many wise people before us knew the secret of satisfaction and a successful marriage. They passed this key down through the generations, in handing you the key
order to allow us to open the safe and obtain the treasure: the insight needed for a better married life.

The key is here. "Me & My Soulmate" provides you with it. The rest is up to you. Come, open the safe, and enjoy the life of a soulmate. 

Looking forward to seeing you in class!