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Kabbalistic Meditation

Kabbalistic MeditationKabbalistic Meditation

Kabbalistic Meditation is called Hitbonenut ("Observation").
It is used as a method of fulfilling one's potential, revealing the Soul
and achieving Spiritual Freedom.

Hitbonenut is used as a means to free a person from the binds of materialism, to help him reach higher spiritual realms, and to bring him to the level of Enlightenment. Therefore, when a person gets used to performing Hitbonenut on a daily basis, he brings himself and the entire world to a higher level of spirituality, which brings about a personal change as well as a change in the world's state of consciousness; changes in the metaphysical, societal and economic realms...

One who practices Hitbonenut every single day may actually open up a channel of communication that connects his soul to the Upper Worlds, the source of bountiful plenty for those who dwell on this Earth.

There are different kinds of Hitbonenut. There are methods for purifying one's thoughts, for spiritual enlightenment, for personal healing, and for Divine protection; and there are even Hitbonenut techniques to be practiced while eating. In addition, there are various methods based upon sounds, mantras, colors, letters and the Holy Names. Every person must choose the gateway that is suitable for him, according to Shoresh Nishmato ("the root of his soul").

Those who prefer being physically active may lean toward the Hitbonenut in Motion Technique, or a technique based on assuming positions resembling the letters of the Hebrew alphabet (similar to those used in Tai Chi and in Yoga).

According to Kabbalah, there is a set amount of spiritual abundance that comes down to the world every day. This abundance of spirituality is what sustains the physical and spiritual wellbeing of the Universe.

It is possible to merit a higher level of this plenitude by means of Hitbonenut, which is "fine tuning" our attitudes and thoughts just as when we carefully adjust the dial in order to locate a specific radio station. Through Kabbalistic Meditation, change can gradually transform the way you live and change day-to-day worries to hope. Turn your disharmony into a balanced state of mind. Instead of spending money and time on medications and treatments, you can cure your spirit and body by creating a better, more useful, cleaner, healthier, holier level of being.

It's our choice. Say yes to ''Meditation over Medication''.

We explore our world using natural sciences such as physics, chemistry and biology. But natural sciences only study the physical world, which we perceive with our five senses. To truly understand the world we live in, we need a research tool that can help us explore the hidden realm that our ordinary senses cannot perceive: the world controlled by the forces of desire. This tool is the Wisdom of the Light-House- School Of Spirituality (S.O.S).