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Escape From Iran

Escape From Iran
My Battle With the Satan

You are invited to a fascinating lecture from Albert Elay Shaltiel a Jewish, Iranian-born man who experienced the Islamic revolution 
in his childhood, and was forced to join the Iranian army in his youth(during the war  between  Iran - Iraq)

At the age of 17, Albert's first attempt to flee from Iran into Pakistan was unsuccessful and he was caught, arrested and tortured for weeks.
Once freed by a miraculous incident, he attempted to escape a second time and managed to run through the mountains and deserts of Pakistan to Karachi. He then migrated to Europe, the United States, and Israel.
The lecture will be presented by Albert Elay Shaltiel in a fun, original and informative way and it will include moments of pain, torture, emotional tension, struggle, survival, hope and success. The lecture will include riveting pictures, slides, texts, and short video clips that will be presented through the use of new computer technologies. The lecture will include:
*A historical summary of 2500 years of Iranian/Persian-Jewish rich community life
*The difference between life before and after the Revolution of 1979
*The impact of the Islamic Revolution on the world
*Memories from the Revolution, war, jail, and the way of escape
Albert Shaltiel established the 'Lighthouse' S.O.S. (School Of Spirituality). www.tolight.info