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    School Of Spirituality
    S.O.S is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive education in authentic wisdom in the world. With services including guidance in the most extensive methods of Meditation and Spirituality...

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  • Light Wanted

    Despite, or maybe because of, the advances in technology and in the economy today, Man feels more and more lost in his life. 

    The more we discover our world and expose the infinite universe, the more mystery we face...

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  • About Me

    Honestly, it's NOT about me. In the Light-House, I am just an autodidact presenter with anthology of slides made of original quotations and information who knows how to perform and to talk. It's all about YOU and for YOU. But to answer your question...

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Meditatiom Over Medication

This paper reviews the evidence for changes of Meditation on body and brain physiology and for clinical effectiveness in disorders of psychiatry... more


Mind Your Mind if You Mind

Meditation is the art of silencing, controlling and focusing the mind. When the mind is silent, concentration is increased and we experience inner peace in the midst of worldly turmoil... more


Me & My Ego

The dark side of me



Me & My Soulmate

Can't live without it


Me & My Descendants

The power to start life over


Me & My Mother In Law

Would die for her 

Kabbalistic Meditation

Kabalistic Meditation

Kabbalistic Meditation is called Hitbonenut ("Observation"). It is used as a method of fulfilling one's potential... more

Practical Kabbalah

Practical Kabbalah

Meditation is the art of silencing, controlling and focusing the mind. When the mind is silent... more

To Sense

RambamHaRav Mosheh ben Maimon (HaRaMbaM): "A person's adherence to his Active intellect would be credited not only to prophecy but also to eternity and can be done only by developing "state of mind", our "virtues" and "moral behavior".
The fact that some individuals are preserved from calamities, whereas those befall others, is due not to their bodily forces and their natural dispositions... but to their perfection and deficiency, I mean their nearness to, or remoteness from, God... those who are near to Him are exceedingly well protected... those who are far from Him are given over to whatever may happen to befall them.
Also the subject of "miracles" associated with getting close to "Active Intellect". As a person who approaches himself to the "Active Intellect", it may serve him to achieve a higher level of communication with the universe and forms of creation and keep him/her safe and preserve them from damage/danger."