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Light Wanted

Despite, or maybe because of, the advances in technology and in the economy today, Man feels more and more lost in his life. 

The more we discover our world and expose the infinite universe, the more mystery we face...

Light wanted Materialism conquers every atom of our life; but the more we have, the more we want.

Today, the culture of abundance and plentiful food overfeeds people; but the more stuffed we are, the more hunger there is to satisfy.

Uncertainty is the result of unanswered questions.

Despite our health, wealth and knowledge, we are still looking for something bigger. Advances in medicine for cure and recovery is only one side of the coin, while we buy endless insurance to protect ourselves from unknown future diseases.

While millions suffer from anxiety, depression, fear, sadness - you name it - pharmaceutical companies make endless income from the situation.

Uncertainty is the result of unanswered questions.
We think we know what we are looking for, but often we don't. And if we do, we don't know where to look. More surprises, more of the unknown and the mysterious!

Some of the questions that regularly go through our minds are: Question mark
Why is this happening to me?
What is the purpose of creation?
Why am I here?
What is my connection with these people?
How do I take control of my fate?
What is my destiny and what will tomorrow bring?
Uncertainty is the result of unanswered questions.

Meanwhile, routine takes over all aspects of our lives and, sadly, every experience we have is taken for granted, leaving us feeling lackluster and flat.

Growing modernism and materialism controls our lives from different angles, bringing us more dissatisfaction and emptiness. Happiness becomes a fleeting commodity dependent on expensive restaurants, clubs or fancy cars. Relationships depend on material things and are never stable for very long.

When anger, fear, sadness, anxiety and uncertainty take control and affect every aspect of your life... ship

When the world becomes a battleground and you feel like your ship is going to sink at any moment...

light house logoWhen the inclusion of spirituality into your life becomes essential...
Look up and see the Light of the Light-House, which is here to help you!
Light-House is the key to a better life.
Light-House is the answer to all of your questions.
Light-House is the home for all who wish to get rid of their darkness by opening the doors to the Light.