S.O.S School Of Spirituality, Theology, Talmudic Philosophy,
Hebrew Meditation & Mysticism, Practical Kabbalah, Prophecy & Miracles

The S.O.S

School Of Spirituality
S.O.S is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive education in authentic wisdom in the world. With services including guidance in the most extensive methods of Meditation and Spirituality...

sos the Light-House strives to provide you with an environment where your questions can be answered and you can develop a better understanding of the world we live in.

Studying Talmudic Philosophy, Kabbalah and practicing Meditation is a fascinating adventure. It changes our perspective on the world and the people around us, and reveals aspects within ourselves that we never knew existed. It is a journey of discovery affecting all aspects of life, especially our relationships with our family, friends, and co-workers.

The Wisdom shared by S.O.S. states very simply that when we know how to connect to the Creator directly, without any go-betweens, we will find our inner compass and may eventually become one with Him. This is the goal of Mysticism — to help us make and sustain direct contact with the Creator and His Light. When we do, we will need no further guidance.

Many prophets and prominent Kabbalists foresaw that the end of the twentieth century would mark a fundamental change in the history of dead sea isaiah scrollmankind. For the first time, humanity is being confronted with the global nature of this world through avenues such as the Internet, the global economy, and environmental challenges, to name just a few. This is precisely the time the prophets and Kabbalists were waiting for, since Mysticism and Kabbalah provide the tools to operate in this new globally connected world.

The ban has now been lifted, and the secrets and wisdom of Torah and Kabbalah have become open to all. Humanity in the twenty-first century has become ready to feel prophesy for what it really is — a scientific, time-tested, empirical method of achieving an entirely new way of relating to both the seen and unseen worlds.
Now it's your turn.


"... for the earth will be as filled with knowledge of HaShem (God) as water covering the sea bed"

ISAIAH 11, 9